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In the event of a consumer receiving goods or services which do not comply with the terms of the contract, he/she has the rights to submit a claim to TSC. Any dispute, that might occur between TSC and a customer firstly is to be handled through negotiations. If a resolution of the dispute cannot be reached through negotiations, the consumer has the rights to submit a written claim to TSC. TSC will provide an answer to the written claim within the time period set in legislation. In all other instances, TSC is to give an answer within 30 days time from receiving the claim, if additional investigation of situation is not necessary. If an agreement is not reached, the consumer has the rights to act in accordance with the requirements of the Consumer Rights Protection Law and the Consumer Out-of-Court Dispute Resolution Act as part of further review of the complaint, www.ptac.gov.lv . Whereas on questions in regards to personal data turn to Data State Inspectorate, www.dvi.gov.lv .

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